IAC employees give Sale Creek students eclipse glasses

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — International Automotive Components Group of Dayton employees stopped by a Hamilton County School to hand out eclipse glasses.

Friday morning students at the Sale Creek School lined up to get goody bags filled with moon pies and eclipse glasses.

They then tried their glasses on and took pictures.

Officials with IAC Group say initially they wanted to hand out glasses to employees, but then it grew from there.

They say they enjoyed watching the reactions of the students.

“Everybody here as just been so thankful that we are doing this and some of these glasses are, as we get closer to the event they are getting a little hard to come by so they are just thrilled we were able to supply their kids with these glasses and the kids have just been great,” said Jim Barrow, Human Resources Manager with International Automotive Components.

School administrators say they couldn’t afford to buy eclipse glasses for all the students so they are thankful IAC Group of Dayton stepped in.

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