Illegal Immigrants pouring into the DeKalb County Detention Center

DEKALB COUNTY, Alabama(WDEF) – A crack down on illegal immigration is sending countless number of people to the DeKalb County Detention Center but it’s helping county taxpayers.

Within the past two weeks, captured illegal immigrants from all over the country including boarder towns have been flowing into the DeKalb County Detention Center.

The transfer of inmates is part of an agreement with the federal government. Sheriff Jimmy Harris say’s just the other day, immigration officials asked if he could accommodate a large number of inmates from Arizona.

"We told them yes so they said we’re going to bring 54 females in three days," Harris said.

The hundreds of illegal immigrants being booked into the DeKalb County detention center is just a small example of a bigger problem which is the lack of immigration reform.

But there is an upside to this political quagmire because DeKalb County is actually benefiting from the number of illegal immigrants taken into custody. The federal government is paying the DeKalb County nearly $50 per inmate per day.

"That will bring in probably $80,000 per month to the general fund and the county commission to help us pay for not just this jail but other things," Harris said.

Those other things include additional deputies as well as other items most county tax payers foot the bill for.

And right now the money is flowing because the detention center is near capacity.

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