Immigrant Community in Dalton Hold Candlelight Vigil

DALTON, Ga. (WDEF)- Tonight’s vigil in the Dalton community was one of peace and reflection to take away some of the fears that the immigrant population is facing.

Speaker: “You are all not , you are not all criminals, rapists drug dealers nor are we all terrorists seeking to blow ourselves up for some reason whatever it might be.”

Over half the population in Dalton being of Hispanic origin the community has come together to not protest local authorities but the federal and state policies against immigration.

Mr. Gonzalez and other community members like America Gruner hosted this candleight vigil weeks after the demonstration held in Coolidge park.

Many residents have expressed concern with recent stories of deportation circulating around the country.

When it comes to undocumented immigrants Mr. Gonzalez says that for some people in the neighborhood it’s not by choice.

Gonzalez: ” You know a lot of them have an immigration petition, unfortunately these immigration petitions take years , ummm 16 years in some cases and it’s not exactly what you hear. You some people are not here undocumented by choice.”

“They are the group that faces this everyday”

During the speeches one message kept coming up and that’s to get to know the immigrants in your community because it’s not always what you may think.

“There is fear on both sides, you know fear of jobs being taken away you know but just to get out really interact with the community and get to know, you know the community. You know personally and become friends and to see you know that we all deep down inside we all want the same thing.”

“You know immigrants from all over the world and not just from Mexico like myself come to this county to contribute and give back to a county that has given us and given me so much.”

This was the last vigil planned by Coalition for Latino Leaders for reactions to Donald Trump’s executive order.

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