Impeachment report gives look into Alabama governor scandal

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Even as Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley’s impeachment was put on hold, a legislative report was released saying he directed a state law enforcement officer to “advance his personal interests” to try to keep his romantic relationship with a staffer from becoming public.

Special Counsel Jack Sharman released the 131-page report Friday as Bentley’s lawyers were in court to try to block its release.

The same day, Montgomery Circuit Judge Greg Griffin granted the governor’s request for a temporary restraining order to stop impeachment proceedings.

Special Counsel Jack Sharman said lawmakers planned to appeal. He said it was unprecedented for the judicial branch to block a legislative proceeding.

The House Judiciary Committee was scheduled to begin impeachment hearings Monday. The governor asked for a 10-day delay while his attorneys argue the process is unfair.

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