Inappropriate Behavior

Chattanooga Police Department:
This is a public safety announcement to inform residents.

Police are investigating an incident of inappropriate behavior towards a minor that occurred on 04/12/15, around 8:40 pm, (near the 2800 block of S. Hawthorne). Officers responded to the scene of the incident and spoke with the 10 year-old victim and her grandmother. The juvenile victim advised that she was playing at her friend’s house when an unknown white male in a blue car called the victim to his vehicle. The suspect reportedly asked, "Have you ever seen a movie like this?" At that time, the suspect reportedly displayed his phone to the victim which played a movie of nude adults having sex –the suspect did not expose his own privates to the minor. The victim then turned and ran from the car. The car left the scene.

The suspect was described a white male, slightly unshaven with brown/reddish hair, approximately 32 years old. The suspect’s vehicle is described as a shiny new and dark blue smaller car with four doors.

District officers have been monitoring the area and detectives are continuing to investigate.

The investigation is ongoing and more information will be released if available. If anyone has information regarding this suspect please call (423) 698-2525. If anyone sees any suspicious behavior or any possible suspect that may be related to this incident please call 911 immediately.

The CPD encourages parents to speak with their children about the following safety tips:
1.Be aware of your surroundings.
2.Never approach an unknown vehicle.
3.If faced with anyone who makes the child feel unsafe, the child should run in the opposite direction of the perpetrator’s car and call out for help.
4.Call Police immediately.
5.IMMEDIATELY CALL 911 if something happens to you or someone else, or you notice anyone out of the ordinary. It is important to report incidents immediately.

Officers will be in the area actively in search of any suspicious activity.

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