Inaugural Housing Connections conference held in Chattanooga Saturday

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Dozens came together Saturday to discuss ways to make sure there are housing options available as the city of Chattanooga continues to grow.

This was apart of the city’s inaugural Housing Connections Conference at the Family Justice Center.

The half day conference brought together citizens, advocates, developers, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

The goal of the conference was to discuss current housing programs in the city of Chattanooga.

They also discussed the city’s new Affordable Housing Fund, and potential legislative actions that could expand affordable housing options.

News 12 spoke with Micheal from Chattanooga Organized for Action and he explained what people can do to help this effort.

Michael Gilliland says, “one thing they can do is they can publicly support solutions. Solutions. Whether it’s by the state or city or nonprofit groups, or whether it’s through individual private developers. For a lot of neighborhoods, the first reaction is to bring out the pitchforks and torches when things like affordable housing develop, and we need to understand as a city we need those resources, we need to make sure that everyone has access to safe, efficient and affordable housing.”

Organizers say they want to increase awareness and empathy for the members of our community who are seeking housing and how their circumstances impact their housing needs.

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