Independent Consultant Jobs: Fad or Fantastic?

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Sitting down at your computer with a glass of wine is more popular than you think.

They’re called Facebook parties.

There you’ll find independent consultants selling products like jewelry.

Other products are also popping up on Facebook like herbal cleanses or Jamberry nail wraps.

Alicia Crout says, "We do parties on Facebook, and you’re on Facebook anyway all day long, so why not try to make a little money while you’re there."

Crout is a part-time nurse, but would jump at the opportunity to spend all her time with her family.

That’s why she’s an independent consultant with Jamberry, she has high hopes of eventually selling enough to earn the title of stay-at-home mom.

Crout adds, "A lot of people get into network marketing dreaming they’re going to make it big because I know this person, etc, but you have to realistically say, how much time can I put into it, how much money can I put into it and work it like a business. And if you work it like a business and believe in it I believe success will eventually come."

We asked experts at UTC if these new businesses have lasting power or will they fade out like Mary Kay or Avon.

Richard Becherer, with the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, says, "I don’t think it’s a realistic income, if your daughters 25-years-old and you have to work until your 70, you gotta find a lot of products and a lot of customers, and I don’t think it’s really sustainable."

Beverly Brockman, the Department head for Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Finance at UTC, says she can’t recommend these businesses to everyone, even though some people do in fact make $7 to $8,000 a month and earn tips to Paris.

Brockman adds, "There’s probably few people who do extremely well with something like this, then great for you, but for the rest I’d say learn what you can, then apply those skills, along with what you gained in college to your next business."

Social media and network marketing are propelling these businesses forward for now.

Only time will tell how big or lasting the impact will be on society.

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