Inside Look at Deep Cleaning in Covid Schools

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- Chattanooga school of arts and science and Loftis Middle School announced Covid exposures, forcing them to shut down for 48 hours.

Both schools began deep cleaning Wednesday night and a misting procedure Thursday.

“This crew has this pretty well down. They can bring three people in and cover a school this size and completely mist it in just a few hours” said Communications Officer of Hamilton County Schools.

Hensley says a school closing will take place if one positive case of Coronavirus is discovered on campus, “If you are sick or feel sick whether you’re a staff person or a student thinking about coming to school -or just a parent planning on coming to visit- please stay home.”

Hensley also recommends staying home if you’ve been tested for Coronavirus and have not received your results yet.

Virtual learning is already on the agenda for all Hamilton County schools Friday, so only on campus day is missed.

Both schools will reopen their doors again Monday morning.

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