International Mocs missing being home for the holidays

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Christmas trees have been put up around the globe. However, not every country decks their halls like Americans do. Sports anchor Angela Moryan talked with the international contingent of the Chattanooga Mocs to find out how the holidays are celebrated in their home.

Angela: “What’s the biggest difference between Hungarian Christmas and American Christmas?”

Lara Habling: “Probably is that you guys put the Christmas tree up one month before Christmas Eve. We usually put the Christmas tree up on Christmas Eve morning, and usually use like real trees, not these that you can get in the store.”

Angela: “Iceland is pretty far north. Do you ever see Santa or his reindeer up there?”

Sigrun Olafsdottir: “Yeah, every Christmas. No, we have 13 Santa Clauses.”

Angela: “13 Santa Clauses??”

Olafsdottir: “Yes.”

Angela: “So a new present shows up every night for 13 nights?”

Olafsdottir: “Yes.”

Angela: “That’s pretty cool. … How how is it on Christmas?”

Pare Pene: “Oh, I don’t know Fahrenheit, but Celcius it’s like 30, in the 30s. We would go to the beach for a day. We’d take our boogey boards, surf boards, whatever, go down there, have a good swim.”

Gavin McKinney: “We did all of our Christmases in Canada, and I can speak to the feet and feet of snow and how cold it was every single Christmas growing up. Brought my wife up there for a few Christmases. Way too cold for her.”

Angela: “Do you guys watch the Americanized Christmas movies where it’s snowing?”

Pene: “For sure, and I used to think like growing up, why do they always have snow. Like, where’s the sun? Where’s the beach? All that. But I would love watching American Christmas movies, especially the Grinch. That’s my favorite.”

Silvio De Sousa: “The food is much different, and that’s what I miss the most. I wish I was there.”

Angela: “What’s your favorite Christmas dish?”

De Sousa: “That’s a hard question. I don’t know if I have the answer for that.”

Angela: “My mom always makes turkey or ham. What does your mom make?”

De Sousa: “Chicken’s a big thing back home. When Christmas comes, our family gets together and it’s a lot of cooking. My dish is always like chicken, brown beans and a couple of rice or vegetable rice. I’m going to see family now so they’ll be doing the cooking. I’m just there to eat.”

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