Invasion of Ukraine’s impact on mental health

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)-The Russian invasion of Ukraine also impacts the mental health of people all over the world, even here in the Tennessee Valley area.

Over the past two years, mental health has been a major topic due to the pandemic. Now, as things are becoming more normal, a Russian invasion can cause mental health issues.

Clinical Director at Volunteer Behavioral Health Beth Walser says people’s minds can just jump to the worst-case scenario when they have Russian or Ukrainian family members living in the area or family and friends in the military who could be at risk.

“Worst-case scenarios do sometimes happen, that’s why people come to therapy right. One of the things I talk about is if it’s something that hasn’t happened yet, OK with the likelihood of this happening, and if this happens, how is this going to impact by tomorrow, my next month, my next year so taking it into bite-size pieces,” said Walser.

She added, if you feel yourself struggling a mental health expert can guide you during a tough journey.

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