Investigators charge Cummins with an 8th murder in Tennessee

PORTLAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – Tennessee’s deadliest killing spree in 20 years has gotten worse.

Investigators are now charging Michael Cummins with an 8th murder.

The death of James Fox Dunn Jr. happened weeks before the killing spree in Sumner County on April 27th.

Authorities were called to a fire at his cabin on April 10th.

His body was found 75 yards away, without the head.

Two and a half weeks later, investigators found a gun belonging to Dunn Jr. at the multiple murder scene.

Investigators say Cummins admitted to stealing from Dunn, Jr.

The deceased victims from 4/27 have been identified as:
• David Carl Cummins (DOB: 10/31/1967)
• Clara Jane Cummins (DOB: 12/06/1974)
• Charles Edward Hosale (DOB: 09/22/1973)
• Rachel Dawn McGlothlin-Pee (DOB: 11/11/1975)
• Sapphire McGlothlin-Pee (DOB: 05/19/2006)
• Marsha Elizabeth Nuckols (DOB: 04/19/1955)
• Shirley B. Fehrle (DOB: 12/22/1949)

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