Ireland Referendum Same-sex marriage passed

Ireland (CNN) –  Ireland becomes first country to legalize same-sex marriage through popular vote. CNN’s Phil Black report from Dublin.

These people really want to vote.
Irish citizens abroad weren’t allowed to take part in the referendum.
So this lot traveled across the uk by train, then by ferry across the irish sea to dublin.
It’s not hard to pick which side they support.
No singing in the polling stations.
This is where irish voters must decide if they want their constitution to say two people can marry under the law regardless of their gender.
Lewana moloney voted yes.
Lewanna moloney: "I think it’s only fair to give them the same rights that every other person has."
colem halpin wants change too.
Colem halpin: "I think it’s important that ireland comes up to the measure of not all but most european advanced countries."
and we heard similar views at polling stations across dublin.
"I’m going to be voting yes."
"I’m going to vote yes."
but yes supporters aren’t cocky about the result.
This is the capital — the support for change here was always expected to be loud and enthusiastic.
The no vote will do better in regional areas.
And all sides here talk about "shy no voters" — the unknown number of people who quietly oppose gay marriage and who could help to decisively vote it down.
Keith mills: "I voted no in the referendum today."
keith mills isn’t shy.
He’s a gay man who openly opposes gay marriage.

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