ISIS Anniversary Celebrations Anger Some Chattanoogans

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-"What kind of mind, mindset, personality does it take to go and behead a person."

Wael Dakhlallah, a UTC student left a very different Syria 7 years ago compared to the war torn Isis occupied territory it is today.

He feels Middle Eastern media is playing too big a role in helping ISIS and spreading radical Islam.

"Al Jazeera, Al Arabia those are Arabic international stations that are supported by certain companies and countries that do not want peace in the world that want their own propaganda they pumped information, the wrong ideas".

Over 60 countries are now affected by the actions of the Islamic state.

This week a Virginia teenager faces 15 years in prison after using social media to recruit for the Islamic State.

Rick Santorum, Republican Presidential Candidate,"Losing to Isis will have consequences for this country, as long as it maintains its territorial integrity it will be able to call on more and more radical Jihadists around the world to join them in their fight why because their winning."

Chattanooga based teacher Mark Grantham spent half a decade as an educator in Iraq, Iran and Syria.

"I have lost 35 friends, 35 people who have become martyrs, some of these people i worked with, some were my neighbors some were friends."

Grantham is afraid that too many young Americans could become radicalized.

"An age of development where they are so easily influenced, it scares me that we have young people so readily and willing to go over and just fight with the IS".

In the last 48 hours President Obama has authorized the deployment of 450 American advisors to Iraq to help train Iraqi forces in fighting ISIL.

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