Ja Rule and Sacramento Kings appear to be engaged in a stupid, amazing Twitter beef

An unfortunate part of the Fyre Fest debacle is that it’s forcing us to think about Ja Rule again. The rapper appears to be engaging in a beef with the Sacramento Kings after his extremely brief beef with the Minnesota Timberwolves. Ja Rule, whose public disputes have not worked out super well in the past, seems to now be trying to steal Lil B’s bit by cursing teams that he doesn’t like.

It started with the Timberwolves mocking Ja Rule’s embarrassing halftime show in Milwaukee last week, in which the arena was dead quiet. He simultaneously said that he rocked it and this is normal for halftime shows.

Ja replied by saying that the Timberwolves are now cursed to lose Karl-Anthony Towns in free agency and they won’t win an NBA championship for the next 30 years.

The Kings then stepped in after the Timberwolves beat them and, in classic Kings social media fashion, turned the loss on its head by asking a question we’ve all had: Where is Ja?

Ja Rule then decided to move the curse to Sacramento, because that is something he can do.

He even one-upped himself from 30 years to never, which seems like rapid escalation.

Lil B then retweeted a tweet from the Kings’ Fansided account “A Royal Pain,” reminding everyone that the Kings and Timberwolves have Lil B’s blessing, so they’ll be fine.

De’Aaron Fox also took issue with Ja Rule’s curses.

Ja Rule is clearly in a very weird place right now, hence all of this bizarre posturing. If you’re the Kings, the next move is probably to give 50 Cent your Twitter password.

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