Jack’s Chattanoggins hold 5th Annual Shave Off

At 10 years old, Jack Skowronnek read the book Drums Girls and Dangerous Pie… The book inspired him to do something that would change his life, and the lives of others as well….



"The idea was for me to just shave it, then I was introduced to the idea of fund raising as well, so the two meshed together perfectly," said Jack Skowronnek.


His mom Dawn Skowronnek said she couldn’t be more proud of Jack for all that he has done, and "The fact that he continues to want to shave his head when he gets nothing out of it other than helping the kids is amazing, and what I hope for as a parent is to raise kids who want to impact their community and impact people."


Today, Jack’s Chattanoggins held their 5th annual shave to bring awareness to childhood cancer.  So far they have raised over $130,000, and Jack says he isn’t even close to being finished.



"I started this because of the kids, and I can’t see it ending until cancer ends," he said.


If you didn’t get shaved today, but would like to make a donation, you can donate through June 30th online at jackschattanoggins.org

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