Janet Hinds’ case bound over to grand jury

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — After a preliminary hearing, charges against the woman accused of hitting and killing a Chattanooga Police Officer are bound over to the grand jury.

The District Attorney wanted charges enhanced, and a DUI charge added, but the judge did not grant that at this time.

It was an emotional day in court as Janet Hinds had her preliminary hearing.

She is accused of hitting and killing Chattanooga Police Officer Nicholas Galinger.

Officer Galinger’s field training officer first talked about pulling up to the overflowing manhole on Hamill Road. He then choked up as he described the crash.

“I observed he went back out into the roadway. He was looking at something in the road and it was about that time that I saw headlights coming northbound on Hamill in the direction of Cassandra Smith and Gann Store Road. I began yelling at Officer Galinger to get out of the roadway. I yelled at him multiple times. For whatever reason he didn’t hear me,” Officer Jarrod Justice said.

A waitress from Farm to Fork testified that Hinds bought four drinks the night of the incident.

District Attorney Neal Pinkston wants to enhance the charge to vehicular homicide by intoxication and add DUI.

“She had 72 ounces of beer between the hours of 7 and approximately 10:30. That is approximately 6.3, 12 ounce beers, plus an additional lemon drop shot. It could easily lead to impairment,” Pinkston said.

“The court cannot arrive at a determination that there was impairment absent any scientific evidence,” said Ben McGowan, Hinds’ attorney.

The judge bound the initial charges over to the grand jury and did not add or enhance any charges at this time.

Hinds’ sister took the stand to explain why her sister’s bond should be lowered.

“She lives very close to my parents and she is instrumental in taking care of their needs a lot,” Cindy Mosgrove said.

The judge decided to lower Hinds’ bond to $149,000.

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