Janet Hinds defense presses police on releasing videos

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The attorney for Janet Hinds argued before a judge on Monday that Chattanooga Police are withholding information and evidence in the case against his client.

She is charged with the hit and run death of officer Nicholas Galinger.

In his motion, Attorney Ben McGowan says the police are covering up evidence on his theory that a second vehicle may have hit Officer Galinger.

He questioned Investigator Joe Warren about the number of videos police have related to the case.

“In total how many videos do you have that are relevant to this case.. videos from the either business or residence along the travel route.”

Officer Warren replied “I have one from a business, none from a residence.”

Several videos of the scene were shown during the hearing to document who did what in the investigation.

Chief Roddy was then brought to the witness stand to speak about who he discussed this case with.

Attorney McGowan asked him if he said the defense was misrepresenting evidence of a second car.

Chief Roddy replies “I made a statement that I did not know of any evidence that supported allegations.”

In closing remarks the defense asked for video from Hamill road to be presented to in court.

The defense also asked Officer Warren to turn over all notes on this case.

“Investigator Warren clearly states, well I don’t feel like I have to document those things and so I didn’t do it. I don’t think judge that it was inappropriate although the state has reported otherwise in their motion for the defense to ask why ordinary investigative steps were not taken in this case.”

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