Jared Hensley apologizes for “girls ruin everything” comments

SODDY DAISY, Tennessee (WDEF) – The Hamilton County School system will keep Jared Hensley at Soddy Daisy.

They have completed the investigation into his video statements about girls and the dress policy.

The final punishment was suspension for ten days without pay.

Hensley will also be required to take sensitivity training and title IX training.

But the entire school will also get involved.

After the fall break, Soddy Daisy High will hold discussions with students about the school climate.

It will allow students to address issues like sexism, which were brought up during the Hensley video incident.

“Soddy Daisy is a strong community school, and it is our goal to maintain the standard of excellence that has been a part of the community for many years,” said Dr. Neelie Parker, executive director of the North River Learning Community that includes Soddy Daisy High.  “All students are important, and this is a teachable moment for positive change at Soddy Daisy.”


SODDY DAISY, Tennessee (WDEF) – Embattled Soddy daisy High School assistant principal Jared Hensley is now apologizing for saying “girls pretty much ruin everything,” during an in-school broadcast.

In a statement Hensley said…. “I value the young women at Soddy Daisy High School and all women.”

Hensley is on administrative leave, and Commissioner Randy Fairchild says his job is on the line.

On Monday, Fairchild issued a letter to Soddy Daisy residents supporting the teacher, athletic director and baseball coach.

While he said Hensley’s “girls ruin everything” video statement was poorly worded, he said it would be a devastating blow to lose him.

“Now is not the time for a ‘politically correct’ response to the incident involving Jared Hensley.

A Care2 petition is calling on the school system to fire him for what they call sexism.

Here is Hensley’s apology in full:

“I would like to apologize for my inappropriate comments on the Soddy Daisy High news program last week. I understand that my poor choice of words hurt and offended many and for that, I am deeply sorry. Using wording that would offend was not my intent when recording the video, but after watching it I understand how wrong my choice of words was, and I accept full responsibility for the pain this has caused and the consequences that certainly come with my actions. I value the young women at Soddy Daisy High School and all women. I understand my comments did not reflect that to those who saw the video.”

“I encourage teens to be lifelong learners, and I must learn that lesson as well as I seek touse language that uplifts all students in the future. My role as a leader in the school requires better from me, and I pledge myself to learn from this mistake and to be a better person and educator.”

“It is heartbreaking to know that my actions have negatively affected Soddy Daisy High School and the community that I dearly love. I ask for your forgiveness and I will commit myself every day to set a positive example for young men and women as I work to regain your trust.”



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