Jay Gruden not consulted about FA moves, reportedly heard about Landon Collins signing through media

Earlier this offseason, Landon Collins became the highest-paid safety in the NFL. Washington handed Collins a six-year, $84 million contract that contains $44.5 million in guaranteed cash in order to steal him away from the division rival New York Giants. One would assume, given the size of the outlay and the importance of the signing to the team’s future, that the franchise’s president and coach would be on the same page, or at least communicate about the signing in advance. 

In this case, though, that did not happen, according to Eric Bickel of 106.7 The Fan in Washington, D.C. Bickel says Washington’s president, Bruce Allen, made the decision to sign Collins on his own without consulting or even informing coach Jay Gruden, who found out about the signing via text message from a media member.

“I’m told he’s not being consulted on any of these moves, as of Friday,” Bickel reported. “Maybe that changed over the weekend. But I’m told he heard about the Landon Collins signing through the media. A guy in the media texted him. He’s super frustrated. Bruce is calling all the shots. They’re not consulting Jay at all. As of Friday, Jay was like, ‘We have so many needs. We need linebackers. We need outside receivers. We need all these things.’ And they have basically signed a backup quarterback and Landon Collins. That’s about what they have done so far in free agency.”

So … things are going great in the nation’s capital! 

This is not a very good way to run an organization, and if true, it paints Washington as a team that is operating in a faulty fashion. Given what we know about the team’s operations from public reports, well, that’s probably the case. Dan Snyder’s team has long been one of the most poorly-run in the league, and it doesn’t look like that’s changing any time soon.

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