Jennifer Davis Uses Transitions to Keep Her Class Moving

Jennifer Davis’ class marches to its own beat.  In between assignments, Davis utilizes transitions to get her class up and moving.  "They need to move a lot, you know, we’re here for 8 hours."

Sometimes the class sings songs or chants, like "we like it here, we love it here we finally found a home.  A what?  A home. A what?  A home. A home away from home, huh."  Other times, they dance.

Davis says "it kind of brings us all together, it’s kind of like belonging.  I like for all the kids to feel like they’re at home here.  You know, we’re a home away from home."

Davis believes in rewarding good work and behavior.  Incentives range from music during class, to letting student who finish assignments quickly and correctly,  jump on a trampoline

She also finds unique activities to keep students interested in math and spelling, like "spell and slide."  Student Luke Neighbors describes the activity.  "They get a word, the people who are asking you to spell it, and they ask you it and whoever gets done first, they raise their hand."

"If they’re having fun and learning at the same time, those two things when those come together, its magic," says Davis.

How does she come up with these ideas?  "Sometimes I’m just taking a shower in the morning and thinking, hey, this is how we could do this.  Or I’m praying to God, ‘what’s another good idea God?’ and I just kind of feel like my inspiration comes from him."

While Davis keeps her class constantly flowing with special activities, it’s the basics students love about her.  "She’s fun, silly, nice," says Becca Calfee.

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