JOE FRUGAL: All You Can Eat Pancakes Return at IHOP

All you can eat pancakes have returned to fill your belly at IHOP.

Right now, when you order a stack of Buttermilk Pancakes… IHOP will keep them coming until you say stop.

Deal runs through February 9th — and works if you order pancakes as a main dish… or with one of their combos.

Also, the Pancake Bowl is underway.  When your order the "All You Can Eat Pancakes" — IHOP will track how many you can put away.

They’re keeping a leaderboard among the local stores… Updating it daily.  The top-scoring pancake eater at each restaurant will receive bragging rights — and free pancakes for one year!

And — if you’re in the top 10 pancake eaters in the Chattanooga area… You’ll advance to the Pancake Bowl — where the winner will receive a $500 IHOP gift card

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