John Fulkerson Discusses Returning For His Sixth Season on the Vols Basketball Team

In an age where college basketball players seem to transfer every year, Vols forward John Fulkerson is a relic. He announced last week that he will return to for his sixth season with Tennessee. Fulky met with the media Tuesday to talk about his decision.

John Fulkerson had a crazy few weeks to end last season.
An emotional senior day.
Then the elbow to the face in the SEC tournament, which also forced Fulky to miss the NCAA tournament. No wonder he wanted one more year on Rocky Top.
Said Fulkerson:”I just didn’t want to end it the way I did, especially if I had the chance to do it again and finish on my terms, then I would love to do that. I’d love to go out how I want to go out. Really it was God showing me that I had the opportunity and chance to do it one more time.”
The Vols have added a lot of help in the paint for next year’s team, but Fulkerson says that wasn’t a factor in his return.
Said Fulkerson:”I had my decision made up. Once we started getting all those recruits, it made me just so much more excited to let them know.”
Reporter:”The CBS pre-season poll had Tennessee 25th, and then it jumped to number 15 when you decided to come back. That’s a pretty nice compliment isn’t it?”
Said Fulkerson:”I thought we should have been ranked number one. I’m just kidding.”
Fulkerson is also ready to play again without a pandemic.
Said Fulkerson:”I did have COVID. I think that COVID affected a lot more than my play. I think I can go as far as having the fans in the arenas affected a lot of different programs. A lot of different people.”
And being a sixth year player does have some perks.
Said Fulkerson:”This will be the first time in seven years that I haven’t lived in a dorm, so I’m excited about that. I lived in a dorm in high school for two years, and then five years at Tennessee. So that’s another thing I’m very excited about is not living in a dorm.”

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