Is new Johnson and Johnson vaccine good enough?

HIXSON, Tennessee- Johnson and Johnson’s one-shot vaccine protects against COVID-19, but isn’t as effective as some others.

“Cheaper, more affordable, and less storage requirements than Moderna and Pfizer,” said Access Family pharmacist, Dr. Jeff Perry.

According to Johnson and Johnson it’s single shot vaccine test from the U.S. and seven other countries, shows its vaccine is 66% effective overall at protecting against moderate and severe symptoms and 85% effective against serious symptoms.

“Severe disease is the one everyone is worried about, so it’s very effective against severe disease,” said Perry.

Perry said on a single dose to single dose comparison the Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine is more effective than the other COVID vaccines available.

“One dose of Pfizer versus one dose of Johnson and Johnson, the numbers are better for Johnson and Johnson,” said Perry.

He said the Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine is even more effective than the annual flu vaccine.

“This virus mutates differently than the flu, it’s less volatile. We don’t go around telling people to not get the flu shot because it’s less effective, we definitely shouldn’t tell people not to get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine,” said Perry.

All together, Perry said the Johnson and Johnson single dose COVID vaccine is worth the lower protection rate because it will increase supply, still have an 85% protection rate against serve symptoms, and it only needs to be refrigerated.

“It’s more available, especially for developing countries, poor countries, so this is a global pandemic. It’s easy to find a freezer here but there’s some places that a freezer 1000 miles away,” said Perry.

He compared the Johnson and Johnson COVID single dose vaccine to a seatbelt in a car. It’s not perfect but, it does saves lives.

“Two seatbelt would be more effective than one seatbelt in a crash, seatbelts only protect you about 50% of the time, but we don’t stop wearing our seatbelts and wait until we get a car with two seatbelt. We wear our seatbelts,” said Perry.

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