Josh Heupel Delivers on Up-Tempo Offense in Vols Spring Game

New Vols football coach Josh Heupel promised an up-tempo offense when he arrived on Rocky Top, and that’s exactly what he delivered. The offense connected on several splash plays as the Orange out-lasted the White team 42-37 in this year’s Spring Game.

The curtain came up on Josh Heupel’s fast paced offense on Saturday, and it appeared to live up to the ‘Heupel’. The two teams combined for over 800 yards of offense.
Said running back Jabari Small:”Honestly I think this was the best we have performed as far as moving the ball. Playing with great pace. Having fun.”
The three top quarterbacks in Saturday’s game all enjoyed big plays.
Said Heupel:”I think the last three or four practices have been all theirs best practice. I thought they played really efficient today. There were a couple of times we needed to get rid of the football a little bit quicker. If they’re in a real live situation, I think some of that is a little tough to judge when you know you’re not live as well.”
Heupel says his offense is a receivers dream, and wide-out Cedric Tillman took advantage of the opportunity to impress his coaches and teammates.
Said receiver Velus Jones:”Really big body guy and stuff. Using his body like no other with his big hands and stuff. With the way he can high-point the ball is unbelievable. He’s going to put up some crazy numbers. He’s going to be exciting to watch.”
Heupel had his poker face on Saturday because he didn’t show all his cards.
Said Heupel:”We’re no where near our complete play book here on either side of it.”
Said Small:”We have a lot of creative plays that we didn’t show today because it was on television. They’re just creative. Just as far as getting us out in space.”
The Vols defense was missing seveal players.
Not what you need facing an up tempo attack.
Said defensive back Jaylen McCollough:”Going against an offense like that fast, you don’t have room for error. Everybody has to be on their P’s and Q’s, and know what to do at all times. I feel like we’ve taken a major step in that and looking forward to fall camp.”
For now, it seems the players and coaches are buying in to what Heupel is bringing to Rocky Top.
Said Heupel:”But our kids are excited about what we’re doing on and off the field. I think they believe in each other and believe in this coaching staff. Gives us an opportunity to grow as we go through this summer.”
Said Jones:”That’s what I really love about this coaching staff. Always picking us up. Always being positive and stuff. They’re going to let us know what we’re doing good and what we’re doing bad. At the end of the day, we’re going to move on from it. It’s this coaching staff and the energy. It’s amazing. So blessed to have these guys.”

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