Judge Boyd Patterson tours Budgetel Inn

Several rooms remain in disarray with former tenants' possessions left inside

EAST RIDGE, Tenn. (WDEF) — Hamilton Co. Criminal Court Judge Boyd Patterson visited the recently evicted Budgetel Inn this afternoon.

News 12 was allowed to get video on the property with permission and supervision from Hamilton County authorities.

Attorney Chris Clem and Jay Price, the public information officer for Hamilton County District Attorney Coty Wamp, were also present, as well.

While the building is currently closed off to the public, discussions ensued after viewing the property about getting it back to standard.

In wake of the Budgetel’s ongoing situation, Patterson was escorted to the closed inn Friday by Hamilton County authorities.

He and others personally looked inside several bedrooms of former occupants while assessing the since-abandoned property.

One room in particular, when opened, prompted all surrounding persons to gag at the stench that had accumulated over the recent weeks.

“If we are going to protect this community and we are going to be proactive about crime and law and order, it starts with crime hubs like the Budgetel,” said Wamp in a November interview.

Last month, Wamp sought an injunction against the Budgetel Inn, leading to the sudden eviction of hundreds.

This past Monday, the first public hearing was held and attended by numerous former occupants, as the D.A. pressed on about the criminal nature of the property.

Trash was scattered both inside evicted rooms and outside, with numerous rooms showcasing unclaimed possessions.

A plan to clean and repair the Budgetel Inn property, building by building, was later discussed with Patterson following the tour.

The judge responded by saying it may be best to first facilitate buildings with rooms that still have a “significant” number of possessions left behind.

He suggested getting in contact with former tenants so they can grab their items and allow cleaning to ensue.

Any possessions left behind were then suggested to be left in storage.

Patterson and all others touring the facility refused to be interviewed for comment.

The next public hearing regarding the Budgetel Inn is scheduled for Monday, December 12 at 1-30 p.m.

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