Judge to Rule on Whether Certain Evidence Can Be Introduced in Benjamin Brewer Trial

Lawyers for 39 year old Benjamin Brewer wanted to challenge certain parts of the evidence that prosecutors plan to introduce at his trial.
It’ll will get underway on June 20th.
District Attorney General Neal Pinkston will be the prosecutor.
The crash happened in Ooltewah and Collegedale police chief Brian Hickman was one of the potential witnesses called today.
Hickman did a preliminary interview with Brewer.

CHIEF BRIAN HICKMAN, COLLEGEDALE POLICE DEPT.  “He made a statement that we were out to get him. Uh, he made a statement of uh, that he’d done these before and that he just felt like we were out to get him.”

That early interview included medical and psychological and physical tests.

CHIEF HICKMAN  “Did you form, you know, an opinion on what you observed then? Yes sir, based on the totality of everything that I looked at from his psyco-physical tests…his clinical impairment, it was my opinion that he was under the influence of a stimulant.”

The N-T-S-B later determined that the wreck was likely caused by fatigue and methamphetamine use by a truck driver.
One of the first officers on the scene was Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Robert Gibson, who talked about the scene of the horrendous crash.
He had video from his patrol car.

TROOPER ROBERT GIBSON, TENNESSEE HIGHWAY PATROL  “I don’t even have a full grasp of what happened yet..but I can tell its a very large crash scene when I walked up..a lot of vehicles and a lot of people. OK, and you try to figure out what ..the full scope of …it did the..that patrol car video really doesn’t give the entire of what it looked like.”

The defense made its requests of Judge Don Poole to bar certain parts of the d.a.’s evidence, and those decisions will be announced later.
The judge set May 23rd for the next hearing.

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