Judge schedules hearing in lawsuit against Bentley, Mason

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – A judge will hold a February hearing in a lawsuit filed by Gov. Robert Bentley’s former security officer who said his career was damaged as Bentley tried to hide a relationship with a staffer.

Ray Lewis filed the lawsuit against Bentley and Bentley’s former political adviser, Rebekah Mason. Lewis, who often traveled with the governor, said he was ostracized and eventually forced out of his position because he knew about the relationship.

Montgomery Circuit Judge Truman Hobbs on Friday scheduled a Feb. 15 hearing on motions in the case, including a request by Mason to dismiss the lawsuit.

Bentley admitted making personal mistakes, but denied having a sexual affair with Mason.

Bentley has called the lawsuit an outrageous attempt to obtain money. Mason’s attorneys have said Lewis’ claims are false.

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