Julio Jones Gives Titans QB Ryan Tannehill Another Big Target

Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill may be the happiest man in Nashville after Tennessee traded for receiver Julio Jones. Jones is a big target at 6-4 220 pounds, and he’s one of several big guys Tannehill will now be able to throw to.

Said Tannehill:”Tannehill:”Honestly there are a lot of benefits to having a big target. You get range. Bigger catching radius. They can use their bodies to create separation. If it’s tight coverage, you have more space to throw it away from a defender, and they’ll still be able to make a play on it. Jon (Robinson) and coach Vrabel have done a great job of getting guys that kind of fit the way we like to play. Tough. Physical. We’re going to ask our receivers to block, and being big helps all of that.”

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