Jump Serving Paige Lawson Leading Hixson Volleyball Team

The Hixson high school volleyball team is unbeaten in district play this season.
The Wildcats have experience with five seniors, including a big power server in 5’11 senior Paige Lawson.

    Ask long time Hixson coach Janet Tate about Paige Lawson, and she gives Lawson the ultimate compliment.
"Well, she’s probably the best player that I’ve had over the years. She just brings a lot to the table. It’s difficult for someone of her height to find someone that can move like she does on the court. She reads very well on defense."
    It’s also difficult to find a volleyball player, who can effectively pull off a jump serve.
Said Lawson,"Oh gosh. I never thought I would be able to do it or be good at it. It gets not easier, but you start to feel where to hit the ball."
Reporter-"Must be a lot of focus that has to go into it."
Said Lawson,"Oh yeah. I always take a deep breath and make sure I’m focused before I serve the ball."
Reporter-"How big of a weapon is the jump serve?"
Said Tate,"It’s big if you can control it. Real big because it’s hard. It has got lots of top spin on it. It dives, and it’s hard."
    Besides the jump serve, there’s the jump start Lawson can provide her teammates.
Said Tatyona Staten,"Yeah, she’s like really good at picking us up if we need her to. She’s really amazing. She’s just funny, kind. Just the perfect little person."(laughs)
  Lawson says the perfect season would be for Hixson to go to the state tournament.
"Oh yeah, we would love to. It would be awesome to go state. That would just make all the seniors so happy. That would be great."
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