Jury convicts members of Mongols Motorcycle Club in Tennessee

Crimes include beatings, shootings and major meth distribution

CLARKSVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – A federal jury has convicted six members of a biker gang with a racketeering conspiracy in Clarksville.

The charges involves murder, kidnapping, drugs, extortion, witness tampering and money laundering.

They were members of the Clarksville chapter of the Mongols Motorcycle Club.

The trial took three and a half months.

“Friday’s verdict officially ends an era of drug-trafficking, violence, and intimidation inflicted on the people of Clarksville by the Clarksville Mongols,” said U.S. Attorney Wildasin.

Prosecutors said the Mongols were a violent motorcycle gang with national and international ties.

They distributed more than 50 pounds of pure meth worth about $1 million.

Prosecutors accused them of first threatening a woman who said she had information on their drug dealing, and then kidnapping her, taking her to a cemetery and shooting her numerous times.

They also were accused of beating a former member and then driving a 10-inch tent stake through his head.

He had stolen motorcycle parts from them and “disrespected” them.

Other crimes against the gang members laid out in the trial:

— setting fire to a rival gangs clubhouse

— home invasion in Kentucky where they pistol whipped the victim and stole his belongings

— assaulting two people at gunpoint while they searched for drug proceeds

— kidnapping a woman from a hotel in Nashville, assaulting and questioning her for two weeks about the death of member of a California chapter of the gang.

“The Clarksville Mongols terrorized communities in Tennessee and Kentucky for far too long,” said Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite, Jr. of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.

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