Jury Duty Scam Warning

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office wants you to know that once again our community is being targeted by a “jury duty” scam.

County investigators are trying to find out who phoned a Chattanooga woman yesterday and told her she had failed to come to jury duty and would have to go to jail unless she made arrangements to pay almost $3,000.

She went to two drug stores to get green cards and then told the caller the numbers.

She found out later she had lost her money.

“This is so important to me to, everybody take the time to talk to..especially your relatives that live alone or, or someone who’s..getting older and won’t think about the consequences. It is happening, even in our own county,” said Sheriff Jim Hammond.

“Be forewarned, that this scam can clean you out in a hurry,” said Hammond.

Sheriff Hammond says Hamilton county government offices never solicit funds over the phone.

If you ever have a question call the Sheriff’s office before you send anybody any money.

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