Jury finds Glen Donaldson guilty

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – A Hamilton County jury found Glen Donaldson guilty of second degree murder.

They deliberated for five hours before returning the verdict Friday evening. Donaldson was originally charged with first degree murder, but the jury settled for second degree.

Jurors concluded Donaldson shot and killed his son-in-law, Adam Levi, at Levi’s Ooltewah home in December of 2016.

Donaldson told 911 Levi was threatening him with a knife, so he shot him.

Levi’s family members say they were satisfied with the verdict. They say the past year and a half was difficult, but this helps.

“We needed closure on the situation. We all miss Adam, but this helps bring it to a close,” said Brian Worley, Levi’s brother.​

The day in court began with closing arguments from the defense and state.

Prosecutors told jury members Donaldson’s story doesn’t add up. They say evidence and testimony from detectives show it is not true.

“They processed the scene and when they examined Adam Levi’s body they told you that Adam Levi didn’t have a knife. There wasn’t a knife in his hand. There wasn’t a knife underneath him. They wasn’t a knife anywhere in the proximity of his body,” said Crystle Carrion, a prosecutor.

Prosecutors also brought up how close the medical examiner said the gun was to Levi’s head.

“That the evidence would show when Glen Donaldson fired that bullet into Mr. Levi’s skull, it was done at close range and from the back. And now at the end of the trial, with the close of all the evidence, you know what I have told you is true,” Carrion said.

When he testified on Thursday, Donaldson says the night of the shooting he was confronting Levi about his alleged drug use and divorce proceedings. Donaldson says when he brought up a sensitive family matter, that is when Levi got angry and threatened him with a knife.

Defense attorneys say investigators did not look into a knife in the drying rack.

“One officer at the scene, who had been on the department for more than two decades, who was trained as being a crime scene investigator, looked at it and said ‘I know this is a 911 call reporting a self defense involving a knife, but that doesn’t look relevant to me,'” said Ben McGowan, Donaldson’s attorney.

After the verdict, Donaldson was taken into custody. His sentencing hearing will be on July 12.

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