Jury Renders Guilty Verdict in Holly Rutledge Murder Trial

JASPER, Tenn. (WDEF)- Guilty of reckless homicide..that’s the verdict for a murder trial in Marion County.Guilty of reckless homicide..that’s the verdict for a murder trial in Marion County.

It took 7 hours, but the jury has finally come to a verdict.

Mike Dillon says,  ” Its been a long hard road these last two years.”

Lucas Dillion’s mother and father waited for hours to find out the fate of Holly Rutledge who the jury ruled was responsible for killing their son.

Lucas died back in March of 2015, and his family has been seeking justice ever since.

Today, after a three day trial the jury has come to a decision.

Judge Graham stated,  “As of Reckless Homicide, we the jury find the defendant guilty of Reckless Homicide of Lucas Dillon.”

Holly was found not guilty of 1st degree murder or aggravated child abuse, but was found guilty with another lesser indictment.

“For aggravated assault we the jury find the defendant guilty of aggravated assault against Lucas Dillon,” stated Judge Graham.

The court dismissed after the reading of the verdict, but Lucas’s family was not happy with the results.

“It’s not the outcome that we wanted, but she did get convicted and she’ll have to pay something for that,” said Mike Dillon

Mike Dillon is Lucas’s grandfather and the spokesperson for the family due to their emotional state.

He says the family has to accept the verdict no matter how they feel.

Mike Dillion says,  “I know with all my hear that’s buried deep in my bones that she did it, and I may not know how or may never know why, but we just gone have to deal with what we got and go on, that’s all you can do.”

Mike Dillon says the family will not find a form of peace until the sentencing hearing.

Holly Rutledge will remain on her previous bond agreement until her sentencing hearing.

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