Did we just get an early warning about Republican discord in Tennessee next session?

OAK RIDGE, Tennessee (WDEF) – Even if Democrats fail to gain grown this November in the Tennessee legislature, Republicans may not have smooth sailing next session.

Knoxville News Sentinel columnist Frank Cagle points out a feud in the making between the current Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House.

State Senator Randy McNally from Oak Ridge has endorsed the Republican challenging Speaker Beth Harwell for her House leadership role.

McNally and House challenger Rep. Jimmy Matlock do both come from Loudon County.

But the endorsement certainly win him any points with Speaker Harwell, assuming she wins re-election.

Harwell does face dissension from more conservative members in the House, but Matlock’s challenge is seen as a longshot at this point.

As for McNally, he is taking over this fall for longtime Senate leader Ron Ramsey.

So he’ll have to deal with Harwell next session to get the Republican agenda passed in both houses.

Cagle says in his column “It’s hard enough herding cats in your own chamber without getting involved in the House Republican Caucus.”

The House Speaker vote comes in December, after the November elections, and before the 2017 session in January.

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