“It’s Just a Minor Offense–Here’s Your Christmas Gift!”

Drivers in Soddy-Daisy are getting a pleasant surprise when they are pulled-over by a city police officer.

Instead of a ticket, many of them are getting gifts.

News 12’s Bill Mitchell tells us its hard to determine who’s enjoying the event the most–the drivers, or the cops.

OFFICER BEN ROBBS, SODDY-DAISY POLICE  “She’s trying to find her way to Hixson Pike right now, so we’ll see if we can help her out with some directions –get her on the right path and give her a little treat from the police department here.” “We’re going to give you something from the police department. ok? You can’t give it here! Ha Ha, Well, OK, this is just a small token from the police department . Oh, My! We’ve got a bunch of goodies…you have some grandchildren…I do. “

Officer Ben ROBBS loaded up his patrol car with goodies from Walmart and set out to bring smiles to a bunch of drivers he will stop today.

OFFICER ROBBS  “Here you go! Ya’ll have you a good merry Christmas…thank you..can ya’ll get it in there. Alright. Thank you!”

Walmart in Soddy-Daisy, which has always helped the fire department at Christmas–came up with an extra grant of 25-hundred dollars for the police this year.

JEFF GANN, ACTING CHIEF, SODDY-DAISY POLICE DEPT.  “I have two sergeants uh, Mike Brown and Keith Lovelace—both of those sergeants came to me and said they would like to be able to utilize this grant from Walmart and uh, they’d like to be able to go out and put this back into the community’s hands.”

Acting chief Jeff Gann went out yesterday to patrol his town..and he witnessed some emotional scenes.

JEFF GANN “I handed it to her, and when she took one look into the bag, she, she began to tear -up…and started crying and uh, she told me that I had no clue of the timing of this taking place.”

But Chief Gann says he actually did feel her need.

JEFF GANN  “Hamilton county is a great place to live. Uh, Soddy-Daisy is a great place–I’ve lived here 51 years and its, its just phenomenal what the community is willing to do for the help, and the needs for someone else in this city.”


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