Kathryn Roman’s Students Use Music To Express Their Creativity

When students come into Kathryn Roman’s music class, they leave all inhibitions behind.  "They’re not allowed to make fun of one another.  That is just not tolerated in here.  Because I want this to be a place where they can express themselves.  Music is creativity, so I want them to be able to come in here and create."

Roman uses music to build self-esteem and self confidence in her students.  "The ideas they come up with because of that astound me.  Sometimes they’re teaching me more than I’m teaching them.  Because I’ll have a lesson planned to go a certain way and next thing I know someone will raise their hand and say what if we do it this way."

Take, for example, this rap about the names of the notes on the lines.  Students sing "let’s talk about music, does anybody know how reading the notes on the staff does go…"  4th Grader James Brooks says "we thought if we could make a remix of it we could put a nice song with it and then make it a really cool song by having a rap background."

Roman works with students in all 14 classes at Valley View, three times a week.
She focuses on singing, movement, and playing instruments.  4th Grader Ellie James says "music if my favorite thing.  I love to sing at home."  And Brian Murphy says his favorite instrument is the "xylophone, because I played it in a performance."

Roman moves her classes through stations ad uses games to teach how to read music.  5th Grader Hannah Deal says "I like everything that we do in here.  I really don’t have a favorite.  Everything we do is always fun."

Roman’s class mission statement calls for growing musicians and vocalists who will be prepared for band or choir in middle school.  Thanks to Roman, they’ll be more than ready.

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