Katt Williams punches teen, teen fights back

CBS46 News

ATLANTA (CBS46) – A series of videos of comedian Katt Williams have gone viral, Wednesday morning.

Police tell CBS46 the incident occurred last night in Gainesville at a government-assisted apartment complex.

In the video, which was originally posted to SnapChat, Williams can be seen punching an unknown teenager in the face

After being punched, the teen fights back knocking Williams to the ground and placing him in a choke hold.

Police say no one has come forward to file a report.

This is just one of many incidents involving violence the comedian has been involved with in the past few months. He was arrested for punching a cashier in Gainesville, a group of women accused him of assaulting them and stealing there cell phones, and his bodyguard accused Williams of holding him hostage and threatening to kill him.


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