How To Keep Your Home Safe While You Are Out Of Town

Next week is the 4th of July and with many people packing their bags to hit the road …

The Summer Months are always a good time to hit the road for a vacation, but you don’t want that welcome mat to welcome criminals in while you are gone….Protecting your home while you are away is as simple as putting yourself in a burglars shoes …

“You need to think security if I was going to break into my house what would be the easiest point to do it because that’s what the crooks think”

Things like video camera, and alarm systems are high tech solutions that can help to keep your home safe. Sometimes a low tech solution can be just as effective….

“I always like to joke and say put a big sign saying these premises protected by a pit-bull who has aids …you know we laugh at that but you will be surprised at the people who have a sign beware of the dog it is just that one little thing that may say to a particular burglar I don’t think I’ll try this house.”

When out on trips many people love to post pictures to Facebook and other social networks but, that may not be sending the best message to some on lookers….

“As they are gone and while they are gone saying he we are going to be at this cruise or we are going to be in Gatlinburg for the weekend so please come and break into my house is basically what they are saying.”

The excitement to hold back on posting vacation photos until is probably to much for most of so if you are going to post photos make sure your privacy setting are set up so not everyone can see everything you post

“make sure if you are on Facebook you can set up the privacy so only friends that are on there and that should help eliminate some”

The Chattanooga police department and the Hamilton county sheriff’s office both also have watch lists if you call their non emergency number and tell them that you are going out of town officers will pass by to check for suspicious activity….

Hamilton county sheriff’s office non emergency: (423)622-0022

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