Keeping Your Home Safe During The Winter

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- As the temperatures continue to drop, more and more people are bringing out their personal heaters.

It is important to remember certain safety tips so that you do not put yourself, your family or neighbors in harms way.

On November 13th Chattanooga fire department responded to an apartment fire at the Golden Gateway apartments.

The fire damaged Four units in one of the apartment buildings.

After a thorough investigation, Chattanooga fire department determined that the fire was accidental due to combustibles placed too close to a wall heater.

Luckily, No one was injured.

Fire Marshal William Matlock says, “We want to make sure that you keep three feet clearance around all combustible items or heaters. Make sure you have distance. A lot of times some of these older times have wall heaters and they kick on automatically off of thermostats and over the summer months we push stuff against them. Just make sure that all of your heating equipment has been serviced and keep three feet clearance around it.”

According to Chattanooga fire, Smoke detectors can be your first line of defense.

It is a great time to make sure that your batteries have been replaced and your detectors are working properly.

The Fire Marshal also says, “Make sure you have smoke detectors for that early notification that’s the most important. So that we know when to get out. Plan and practice your escape, your fire escape because during a fire is not the time to figure it out.”

This time of the year, most people are putting up their Christmas decorations.

Fire Marshal Matlock says that there are several safety tips that will keep your home safe during the holidays.

“Everyone wants to decorate for the holidays so, if you use an extension cord, make sure that you plug it in and unplug it when you are done using it. It is not intended to be left in there all of the time. Make sure that your appliances are rated for the extension cord and it is not placed under rugs or doorways where it could be pinched,” says Fire Marshal Matlock.

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