Keeping Zoo Animals Cool

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – It’s officially summer and like humans animals are looking to beat the heat too!

The Chattanooga Zoo is making sure their animals keep it cool all summer long.

With help of a water misters and fans animals are staying cool.

Many are also choosing to stay in the shade or burrow underground to escape the sun’s rays.

A favorite of many animals are frozen treats.

“You can basically freeze any kind food for an animal to eat. So whether the animal eats produce, whether they eat meat…you know you can freeze all those options and feed them out to the animals. It’s a really good way for the animals to cool down…similar to us eating a popsicle,” said Chattanooga Zoo General Curator Stacy Laberdee.

Many of the animals don’t mind being hosed down with cool water as well.

But if the heats up too much zoo officials are prepared.

“They get overheated. They get really hot, panting and fast respiration and things like that you know it can cause…it can lethargy. it can cause possibly some of their organs to shutdown. So if it does get up past a certain temperature that’s really hot for them we do allow them to go in a cooler space,” said Laberdee.

“Their health is our number one priority in keeping them safe, happy, and healthy.”

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