Kemp/Abrams debate tonight at 7PM

ATLANTA (WDEF) – Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and challenger Stacey Abrams face off tonight in a debate on the first day of early voting in their race.

It is the first of two scheduled debates.

Of course, this is a rematch after the two faced each other four years ago.

The current  CBS News Battleground Tracker poll shows Governor Kemp holding a 52% to 46% lead.

The Kemp camp says the Governor will stand on his record tonight, while contrasting it with Abrams record of “fighting to keep Georgia locked down, kids barred from the classroom, defund the police and eliminate cash bail.”

Abrams’ campaign isn’t talking strategy right now, but she has listed her concerns about Kemp’s Georgia.

“With the erosion of voting rights, with the erasure of reproductive rights and the closure of hospitals, all under this current governor, I know that people are animated,” Abrams said. “They know they deserve more.”

One thing is for sure.  Neither candidate is shy of attacking their oppoent.

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