Kemp optimistic on Georgia virus fight as concerns linger

ATLANTA (AP) — Gov. Brian Kemp says Georgia is going in the right direction in its effort to contain the COVID-19 respiratory illness, although others still point to areas of concern.

Kemp on Monday noted that the fewest ventilators were in use and the fewest patients confirmed to be positive for the coronavirus were in Georgia hospitals since the state began keeping track on April 8.

Worries remain about geographic hot spots and disproportionate harm to African Americans and Latino Georgians.

Some local governments are pushing for more mask use.



At a news conference Tuesday, Governor Kemp said he issued a new executive order to extend several restrictions on non-critical businesses in the state.

The governor’s goal is to make sure Georgia opens healthy and safely. He said he believes the new order is necessary to protect the lives of residents.

Georgia received at least 30 cases with 40 vials of the drug Rendisvir from the federal government. According to health officials, the drug is used to treat individuals with COVID-19.

Part of the governor’s new executive order will keep bars, nightclubs, and live performance venues closed through the entire month of May.

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