Kennesaw Georgia Wants the Other Train in the Great Locomotive Chase

KENNESAW, Ga. (AP & WDEF) – Fifty years ago, Georgia and the city of Kennesaw took an historic locomotive from Chattanooga.

"The General" was involved in The Great Locomotive Chase from Atlanta to Chattanooga during the Civil War.

It was one of the most daring raids of the war.

The Union spies stole a train in Atlanta and drove it to Chattanooga in an effort to block the rails.

The raiders are buried in Chattanooga, but in the 1960s the state of Georgia took the train they rode away from Chattanooga and put it on display in Kennesaw.

Now Kennesaw officials are trying to find a way to bring back the other train in the chase to the northwest Georgia city.

The Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History in Kennesaw now displays The General.

Atlanta houses the second, The Texas, at the Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum in Grant Park.

This summer, the giant Cyclorama painting depicting the Battle of Atlanta will move to The Atlanta History Museum. The train is set to move there also.

Kennesaw Mayor Mark Mathews and state Rep. Earl Ehrhart want the train to move to Kennesaw.

The legal battle between over The General took years to settle in court.

In 1967, The mayor of Chattanooga and his supporters hijacked the train as it was headed to Kennesaw.

It was held hostage for three years until the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against Chattanooga’s claim.

You can read more on The General’s history, here.

You can read more on their current bid to land The Texas in the Marietta Daily Journal.

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