Kentucky Basketball Coach John Calipari Marvels at the Success of Nick Saban and Geno Auriemma

(WDEF) – Alabama coach Nick Saban will be shooting for his fifth national championship in eight years when the Tide faces Clemson on Monday night in the national championship game in Tampa.

Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari marvels at Saban’s track record, as well as one other coach who has been even more successful than Saban.

Said Calipari: “I look at what Alabama has done, and he has done it with different staffs. The advantage they have over us is they have returning guys. Some leave, and then they’ve got a mass group returning that can teach the new guys. But that being said, so does every other football team. He is incredible. I mean he’s incredible. And then I go to Geno Auriemma in women’s basketball. They may win 100 straight games. You can not make a movie about it. Why? It’s just not believable. (chuckles) You don’t believe that. Somebody wins 100 straight games.”

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