Kid robbed by machete toting suspect; suffers broken foot

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF) — Police have arrested a man who reportedly took part in an armed robbery involving the use of a machete.

Dontae Goodner, 20, of chattanooga is facing one count of aggravated robbery after allegedly taking part in the robbery of a kid who suffered a broken foot during the robbery.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by News 12, the incident happened Tuesday afternoon in the 3900 block of Arbor Place Lane.

The kid told police he had just got off a school bus and was walking home when he passed a red vehicle that was parked in the driveway of an abandoned duplex. He said there were three males in the vehicle but two of them got out and asked if he wanted to buy marijuana.

The two men who were later identified as Dontae Goodner and Noah White reportedly took payment from the kid before pulling out a machete and demanding the kid give them all his cash.

The kid told police that after he gave the two men all his money, they picked up and threw him to the ground, causing him to break his foot.

Late Wednesday night, police spotted a red vehicle matching the description of the vehicle used by the two suspects. During a search of that vehicle, police located a machete they believed was used during the robbery.

Goodner was immediately arrested.

Goodner is no stranger to the Hamilton County court system. Court records show he was arrested earlier this year for aggravated assault which was bound over to criminal court and later dismissed. Two years ago, he was convicted of illegal possession of a firearm.

There is no word on the other suspect identified by police as Noah White.


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