Kids 5-11 eligible for COVID vaccine in Hamilton County

CHATTANOOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Becky Sadler’s kids will soon be receiving the 5-11 kids version of the COVID-19 vaccine. She says after doing the research she says her kids in that age group will be getting the vaccine.

As a nurse and as a mom of five, I really think that with medical training and as a mom you have to look at risk versus benefit. For our family and our situation, it definitely was a yes to get the vaccination. Having twins that were born prematurely and have a residual chronic lung disease condition so that was a yes for us.

She says they are “ready” to get the vaccine.

Just told them this morning that tomorrow they’re getting it. Their reaction was my arm still sore from the flu shot. I said well you got another arm we can use.

Nurse practitioner April Kapu with Vanderbilt says the 5-11 version of the COVID vaccine is a third of the adult dose and has shown to be safe and effective.

The trials really looked at what is the safest dose to produce the best immune response. So the dose for 5 to 11 is 10 micrograms. The bales are packaged very differently, clearly marked that it’s for ages 5 to 11.

Kapu says getting kids vaccinated is important for keeping them not only in the classroom but also to protect other people at risk.

We’re encouraging parents to get their children vaccinated as quickly as possible. This is really important for protecting families particularly if families have grandparents at home or family members that are immunocompromised.

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