Kim White concedes defeat to Tim Kelly

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Back on March 2, 2021 there were 15 mayoral candidates.

Then it became two, Tim Kelly and Kim White

And now the next mayor is Tim Kelly.

Kim White was one runoff election away from making history as Chattanooga’s first female mayor, but she fell short conceding victory to Tim Kelly.

“The early voting numbers were a lot different than what we thought they be, but we were waiting for some of the other precincts to come in,” said White.

She said the vote didn’t go the way she wanted but, she is so thankful for everyone who supported her.

“I love the city and I’ve been surrounded by people who love the city to, so we’re all invested in the campaign, we all worked hard, and I’m so proud of the way the campaign was ran. The issues that we got to talk about, but obviously were disappointed in the outcome,” said White.

White said she and her campaign team’s number one goal was to run a clean campaign.

“I wanted to make sure it was a campaign that I would look back on and my whole team and City could be proud of. I think our city deserves candid to talk about issues, solve problems and that’s what we committed to do from day one,” said White.

When speaking to her supporters she asked them to keep investing in Chattanooga and to put their support behind Mayor elect Tim Kelly.

“Our City is a very special city and we work better when we all come together for the good of it,” said White.

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