Kirby Smart challenges Georgia to dodgeball game between coaches and players to get weight workouts off

Georgia football has been in a pretty good place under Kirby Smart. In their last two seasons, the Bulldogs are 24-5 and 14-2 in the SEC, with a national championship game appearance. So, what’s Smart’s secret? It might be dodgeball.

Smart challenged the team to a dodgeball game against the coaches after practice to get out of weight workouts, and Georgia has video of him taking the team on.

“We’re about done, you’ve got weight workouts as of right now,” Smart says. “The only way we’re taking weight workouts off is if you guys can beat the coaches in our annual dodgeball game.”


At first, it looked like the players didn’t know what they were getting into, because those coaches can move. They look like seasoned bullies in the dodgeball world. But the players ultimately came out on top.

The highlight of the video is ultimately the offensive linemen. Yes, they’re incredibly athletic, but mobility is not exactly their strong suit.

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