Kurds hurl rocks at Turkish and Russian convoy

Northeastern Syria — The president of Turkey will visit Washington next week at President Trump’s invitation, which is expected to draw protests over Turkey’s Syria invasion and the slaughter of America’s Kurdish allies. But inside Syria, the Kurds are already fighting back.

When a Turkish and Russian convoy came through northern Syria Friday, Kurdish men hauled sledge hammers while women loaded up with rocks. Even children were armed with eggs.

The Kurds also put down stones in the middle of the road to slow vehicles as they passed by. The convoy came into sight, but took a sharp right. The protestors gave chase, cut it off at the next turn, and pelted them with everything they had.

Kurdish demonstrators hurl rocks at a Turkish military vehicle Delil Souleiman

The chaos shows the congestion in the region. Russian and Turkish patrols pass through an area that, at least at some level, is supposed to be under the control of America and its Kurdish allies.

The Syrian Kurds blame America for abandoning them. CBS News found the mother of a female politician executed in the street by Turkish-backed gunmen in the crowd on Friday — but she blamed the U.S. for her daughter’s death and refused to speak with an American news crew.

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