La Paz Alerts Local Latinx Community About Court Ordered Deportation

CHATTANOOGA, Tennesee (WDEF)- Immigrant families across America are preparing for possible deportation.

La Paz Chattanooga is an organization that informs local Latinx families of their rights.

The Trump administration is planning a court-ordered mass deportation in ten cities including Atlanta.

Chattanooga is not one of those cities, but La Paz has been working with several community organizations to make sure that the Latin community is prepared.

Vivian Lozano Sterchi the La Paz Director of Social Impact says, “The biggest thing is really making sure that the community is informed and well-informed. We are talking about actually sharing and spreading legitimate news from legitimate news sources. So, going through the rumors, dispelling myths and making sure that the community has accurate information. Because we find that during these kind of times that a lot of um false news is spread around and that could cause panic.”

La Paz helped form the Hispanic Displacement Relief Coalition after the 2008 raid at Pilgrim’s Pride.

There was no warning for that raid, and La Paz encourages families to have an emergency plan.

Lozano Sterchi also says, “So what does that look like? Knowing where all of your paperwork is, knowing what happens to your children will help. Maybe having a plan for your property, your financial assets and also knowing that if something does happen, does the child wait to be reunited or do they stay here. Do you have a plan for contingency to return maybe to another place that you are um looking at.”

La Paz also offers legal advice for Latinx families who may have questions.

To help out with the cause or get more information, you can visit their website.

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